Jeb Bush Left Holding the Bag

Jeb Bush’s staunch support of the Common Core may likely cost him the Republican nomination for the White House in 2016.  This week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie became the latest potential G.O.P. candidate to publicly slam the Common Core.  It is no secret that many Republican voters despise the testing mandate, and those who have had an eye on the nomination have been distancing themselves from Bill Gates’ pet monster.

Earlier this year, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal reversed his position while Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have remained critical of the Common Core.  The former Florida governor is the only major nominee left holding the bag, and even the well-recognized Bush family name may not be enough for him to secure the G.O.P. nomination.  This from

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the latest Republican to reverse course and denounce the controversial national Common Core education standards — a move that is seemingly becoming a rite of passage for GOPers who are eyeing the White House.

The odd man out? Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who stands alone in continuing to embrace the education program that so riles the GOP base. But even Bush — who ran a foundation supporting Common Core — is avoiding using the initiative’s name, instead saying he backs higher standards as whole.

Common Core has become a boogeyman among grassroots conservatives who believe the initiative is tantamount to a federal takeover of education on what should be a local issue. Some critics have gone so as far as to label it “Obamacore.”

The irony is before GOPers began associating the educational guidelines with the Obama administration, many praised Common Core, which was introduced by the bipartisan National Governors Association in 2009 and has been adopted by 45 states. While not a federal mandate, critics have argued that states adopting the Obama-embraced standards get a potentially unfair competitive edge when applying for federal education grants. Others have concerns about the standards themselves and the testing through which they are assessed.

Common Core sets benchmarks on what academic skills students should have under their belt upon completion of each grade. The premise is that it will create quality education across the country. 

Several national polls have shown conservatives are mostly against Common Core. 

Politicians will soon get the message. The Common Core is quickly becoming hazardous waste. Continuing to stand with the unpopular exams means that they be unable to sit in the office of their choice.  Jeb Bush will be the first major political player to discover this truth.

-Gabriel Diaz

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