“The Biggest Loser” For 2015? How About the Common Core?

Sandra Stotsky wrote a solid article on what she thinks will be the major trends in education in 2015. Throughout her predictions she berates the Common Core, and the Axis of Evil who put the test together and forced it upon our nation’s education system. Stotsky is no outsider, she was a member of the Common Core’s Validation Committee. She has become a harsh critic of the beleaguered education initiative, as evidenced by Common Core, a Big Loser, Changes Should Be Made in 2015.  Some highlights:

Increasing anger directed at Common Core’s standards, tests, and data collection efforts by parents, teachers, and school administrators. Why did Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, Education Trust, Achieve, Inc., and all the other organizations trying to promote the centralization of educational planning and policy-making in this country think parents, teachers, and school administrators were simply going to watch K-12 education vanish into a dystopian fog with barely a murmur?

A few state legislatures will break out of the legal chains that the Duncan/Gates/Fordham Triumvirate thought they had in place wherever there were signs of organized rebellion against their ideas for “transforming” public education. 

Some African-American and Hispanic parents and community leaders begin to realize that Common Core was not designed to close a “gap” or improve their children’s academic records—simply upgrade their academic status, leaving them in the dust in the face of international competition.

We are seeing this down here in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Parents at my children’s school are in an uproar.  Helping my son with division is not a problem, but I have a tough time helping the little guy with Common Core division:



This method of division complicates a problem that can be solved in fewer steps using the conventional method.   My opinion is shared by nearly every parent that I have spoken to… The simplest, most efficient solution to a problem is usually the best solution.   Training our children to take extra steps to find a solution is maddening to the parents who help their children at night, and this does a tremendous disservice to our young learners.  If I am seeing this reaction here, I can only imagine that the same thing is happening in schools all across the nation.

As for state legislatures breaking free of the legal chains, 2015 is barely a week old, and we’ve already seen this begin to manifest.  Stotsky also introduces the idea that as other options for schooling children come online, parents will not be so willing to fund school districts through taxes. In all, the article was incredibly insightful, and worth the read.

Criticism from the Common Core is growing by the day from parents and educators alike.  It’s time that we all stood up for whats right for our children.  It’s time that we let lawmakers know that we will not stand for the Common Core.  It’s time that we take back our classrooms.



With serious questions arising about how Common Core is data mining our children, southern states are preparing to back out on the federal K-12 standards in education.  This is an issue for moderates, liberals and conservatives.  Here at Take Back Your Classrooms, we are going to give people a nonpartisan perspective on this educational  crisis, and hopefully a way out.  If enough of us make noise, at the right time, to the right people, then I believe that we can force our lawmakers to remove this cancer from our children’s lives.  Join us, and let’s take back our classrooms!

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