Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi Hopes To Drop Common Core

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi has expressed his hopes to drop the Common Core, despite five years of investment into the educational program.  On Monday, Reeves backed Gov. Phil Bryant, who has called the Common Core “failed program”.  He is joined by House Speaker Phillip Gunn who has stated previously that he was “willing to hit the pause button”.  With key lawmakers in the state lining up against the program, other options are being explored.

From the article:

Common Core may have started as a states’ initiative, Reeves said. But he’s become convinced the Obama Administration is using Common Core standards to “hijack” education autonomy from states.

Reeves said the “straw that broke the camel’s back” was the federal Department of Education revoking a waiver for Oklahoma after it repealed Common Core standards. This could have cost Oklahoma nearly $30 million in public school funding. However, the federal department has reinstated Oklahoma’s waiver after it appealed.

While Reeves and Gunn have in the past been guarded with comments about Common Core, their top lieutenants, including their education chairmen Sen. Gray Tollison, R-Oxford, and Rep. John Moore, R-Brandon, have defended the standards. In the Senate, Reeves’ leadership team this year helped shoot down a tea party-led effort to “defund” $700,000 in teacher training for Common Core. One of Reeves’ top leaders, Sen. Terry Burton, R-Newton, at the time likened opposition to Common Core to people reporting seeing UFOs in the 1970s, which angered Common Core opponents.

Of course, the plan to kick out Common Core from schools is not without its detractors, as some experts argue that it will cost over $100 million to write new standards.  However, Gov. Bryant pointed out that in-state policies will be more advantageous than “one-size-fits-all bureaucratic standards controlled by Washington.”

Here at Take Back Your Classrooms, we are going to give people a nonpartisan perspective on this educational  crisis, and hopefully a way out.  If enough of us make noise, at the right time, to the right people, then I believe that we can force our lawmakers to remove this cancer from our children’s lives.  Join us, and let’s take back our classrooms!




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