Louisiana Governor Distances Himself From Common Core; How 9+6= 1 Minute Of Work

At a discussion about Common Core, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal shored up his position against the Common Core.  Governor Jindal has backed up his words by pulling Louisiana out of the Common Core initiative in 2014.   Jeb Bush is still considered the primary contender for the GOP nomination, and Jindal is using his stance on Common Core to distance himself from the former Florida Governor.

From Bobby Lindal Denounces Common Core In 2016-Flavored Speech

The stated topic of Jindal’s address was near and dear to Bush’s heart: Common Core. Bush championed the federal education standard, but it’s since become a major issue on the right and one of the former Florida governor’s biggest vulnerabilities in the Republican primaries. The venue was a luncheon sponsored by the American Principles Project, a conservative group that’s led the charge against the standards. 

“[In] this Common Core fight,” Jindal said in his speech. “We are going to sometimes have people who we agree with on other issues fight us on this.”

He did not single out Bush, telling reporters afterwards that he’s “been complimentary in the past – apart from Common Core – about some of the things he’s done in education.” But the event was a reminder that the issue will loom large in the 2016 election for the Florida governor. 

With Bush beginning to warm up for the 2016 campaign, Jindal is separating himself from Bush on the one issue that may keep the former Governor of Florida from becoming the third member of the Bush family to hold office. With the federal initiative threatening to sink Bush’s campaign by opposing the will of so many voters in his party, Jindal’s move is only logical.

What is 9+6?  15.  You and I both know it’s 15.  Most of us know that the total is 15 by second nature.  We have memorized it so long ago that we don’t need to give it any conscious thought.  However, the Common Core is not teaching children to memorize their addition patterns anymore. Instead they are encouraged to draw out this diagram.  The time to walk through the process was almost a full minute.  You can see the video right here.


As a parent, I understand what they are doing.  By linking to the number 10, it does make it easier for some children to comprehend the mechanics of an addition problem.  There are multiple ways to solve even the simplest mathematical problem.  However, many children have memorized that 9+6 = 15.  I have a very serious problem with these ‘masters of education‘ penalizing children who arrive at the correct solution, only at a different way than how the Common Core Gods determined.   That, as a parent is unacceptable.  Yes, I applaud teachers who show and encourage their students to try different paths to a solution.  However, I am disgusted by a system who deems that children have failed if their path to the correct answer wasn’t to their liking.


With serious questions arising about how Common Core is data mining our children, southern states are preparing to back out on the federal K-12 standards in education.  This is an issue for moderates, liberals and conservatives.  Here at Take Back Your Classrooms, we are going to give people a nonpartisan perspective on this educational  crisis, and hopefully a way out.  If enough of us make noise, at the right time, to the right people, then I believe that we can force our lawmakers to remove this cancer from our children’s lives.  Join us, and let’s take back our classrooms!

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